This page has been created to provide first-hand feedback on events from club members who have participated.  Remember, any comment is going to be subjective based on the participants experience so focus on the facts rather than the opinion!



This is another new event for 2008 organised by name new to me. This uses a 25m pool in the school and the advantage is that there should be no more than 4 competitors in a lane at any time! This contrasts with other pool bases triathlons that can be a bit “chaotic” Transition is a hard tarmac area and is approached on an area that needs caution as it is slippy. The cycle route has some “speed bumps” that need care to negotiate and a few R turns. There is only one hill of significance and this is not steep just long. The advantage is you get the same, downhill to make up for the slog. Entry again to the transition needs avoiding the same “sped bumps” The run is flat and easy though you need to ensure you do enough laps.

Brigg Tri (personal thoughts)


This is an event also started 2008? by the Lincsquad chaps. It is a good little season ending event. The swim is in leisure centre (tends to be bit cramped) but OK. Transition is in tennis court; don’t sit down as get sand everywhere! Cycle route is flat and easy. It is effectively out and back loop. The turn round pint is a small quite sharp roundabout and the level crossing is not a problem. Run route is through Brigg centre and out down old canal; scenic and flat with only one slope to negotiate. Good fun event.


A very well organised event, though not a surprise as North Yorkshire Police are heavily involved. Probably the only downside is having to register on the day about 3 hours before the start. This is OK if the weather is fine, as in 2006. Swim is open water lake and clear. There is the odd shallow bit but generally very pleasant. Transition is massive field with a short run between the different sections. The cycle route is relatively flat but some bits of the route are busy. The old A1 is used and is an excellent surface. The odd roundabout and the three R turns need a bit of care but are not horrendous. Beware they are very hot on “drafting” and the penalty board was pretty long in 2006. The run is out and back in quiet country lanes Water is available on the run section. All in all a good triathlon, no silly hills, well organised/marshalled and a good one if you are trying an Olympic for the first time.



I can speak for only half the weekend events but it seemed to be a successful event, and again new for 2008. The comments are pertinent to both the sprint and Olympic distance as you just do 1 lap for sprint and 2 for Olympic. The open water swim is in a nice lake with good water quality. The local swans did not decide to molest anyone. The start and finish are at a large pontoon but beware the exit can be slippy and the transition area is rough. The cycle route has a few hazards: There are many speed bumps, the main hill about a mile from transition is steady and incorporates a sharp turn half way up. Choose your “gear” well. The rest of the route is undulating but the road surfaces are uneven and pitted. 2008 saw quite a few “prangs” The run section is delightful, basically circuiting the lake you swam in earlier. This seemed to lack as much atmosphere as other pace setter events but in 2008 the weather may have been a contributory factor. Generally a well marshalled route and event.




Two events but basically run on the same course. The only major differences are the police presence when exiting/entering the transition of the main road and registration. The pool based swim is in a nice modern leisure centre with ample parking. The run from pool to transition is unpleasant as it uses a stony dirt track. Transition is well arranged on a grass field. The cycle route is on a busy A road and can be split into 4 lots of 3 miles. The route is out and back and is undulating, flat, busy roundabout, flat, undulating. There are speed cameras on the route and even Doc C can trigger them! The run is a two lap affair with a hill to be negotiated twice. Basically nice well organised event with OK route that is challenging but not ludicrous.

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