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1)       Apologies -Gavin and Gemma Key, Tracey Wilkinson

2)      Attendance-Gary Thomas, Sarah Cook, Alan Cook, Tim Moss, Paul Thompson, Andrew Bullimore, John Armstrong, Tom Sanigar, Hayley Salt, Carl Groves, Dave Rouse, Chris Marshall, Tony Ogden, Karen Hames, Charlie and Alison Boardman, Matt Clarke, Shane Burns, Paul Jackson, Sam Jensen-Martin and Tony Martin, Jonathan Fowler, Shaun Robinson, Clive Thornley.

3)      Matters Arising-none

4)      Chairman’s remarks-key points-Gary thanked members for their continued support and loyalty to the club. Successful year in terms of membership-42 current members, duathlons were well supported along with swimming at Havelock pool. Thanks to Alan and Sarah Cook for their support in organising the duathlon events. Gary proposed that Tom Sanigar take over as Chairman. Gary had approached Tom Sanigar before the meeting who agreed in principle to take over the chair/leadership as his enthusiasm and motivation for triathlon would allow the club to flourish.

5)      Treasurer’s report-Account balance as of 05.08.2016-£2080.57

Expenditure-BTA affiliation £105.00, CTC affiliation £50, £187.50 for end of duathlon social buffet at Click’em Inn (paid for by cash taken at duathlon races), £25.00 donated to charities Team George and £30 to Clickem Inn landlord’s charity.

Income-£420 from subscriptions (42 members), £43.90 spare cash from duathlon events. Club agreed to charge £2 per head next year for duathlons and donate £20 to Clickem Inn landlord.

6)      Swim Sessions-agreed that swimming will now take place 8-9pm at Havelock pool in conjunction with Cleethorpes Tri Club whose members will take precedent. Grimsby tri will reciprocate by allowing Clee tri members access to duathlon sessions.

7)      Duathlon Dates-to be confirmed in new year. Similar 3 weekly format-avoiding Croxby Crawl weeks to increase participation. Agreed to continue with Clickem routes as these are tried and tested. Shaun Robinson agreed to assist Tom Sanigar in setting out the course etc…in 2017.

8)      Group training sessions-members are welcome to attend run sessions with Laurie Bland-meet King George stadium 6pm Thursday evenings. Alternatively 6pm Weelsby woods car park 6pm every Friday. Tom Sanigar hosts a speed session from the Cleethorpes slipway every Wednesday. Turbo training sessions open to everyone will commence through the winter Tues and Thursday evenings 6.30pm at the old fire station Cromwell Rd, opposite auditorium.

9)      Election of club posts-Tom Sanigar elected chairman-proposed by Shaun Robinson and seconded by matt Clarke. Sarah Cook agreed to continue as secretary/treasurer. Proposed by Charlie Boardman and seconder-Alison Boardman. Alan cook stepped down from duathlon duties-Shaun Robinson/Tom Sanigar to take control. Gary will meet with Tom to go through the main responsibilities for running the club eg BTA affiliation, risk assessments, contacting local police etc

10)  AOB-Karen Hames is organising an off road duathlon social event-date to be confirmed. Karen will organise post Xmas get together sometime in February.

Chris Marshall proposed that the club has specific events that should be represented by the club-Tom Sanigar suggested the Steelman event-more details to follow.

Gary closed the meeting by applauding the friendly and open nature of the club and wished it every success for the future.




Please find agenda for Sunday’s meeting

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes from AGM 2015
  3. Chairman’s remarks
  4. Treasurer’s report
  5. Swim Sessions
  6. Duathlon dates/venues
  7. Group training sessions
  8. AOB (please e-mail details to Gary Thomas before meeting)

See some of you on Sunday 7pm-Millfield’s Grimsby




Dear members,

Have organised the AGM for this Sunday 18th September at Millfield’s Hotel, Grimsby for 7pm. Will post an agenda later on in the week. Please try to support the meeting as there are a few pressing issues that need to be addressed!  and I have a few proposals to suggest.

Thanks in anticipation and look forward to seeing you then

Gary Thomas

Swim session

Dear members

If members wish to swim tonight at Havelock pool it will be at the earlier time of 8-9pm with Cleethorpes tri club. Dave Scott has said that members from Grimsby are welcome but I feel we need to have our own session if numbers and interest makes it viable. We no longer have a free session 8.45-9.45. I am looking for alternative venues and times and will get back to you. Please can you message me if

a) you are still a member of grimsbytri or not!

b) want to continue swimming on a Monday night

c) have any other suggestions for pool hire/times

I need to get an idea of numbers before we commit to anything as it will cost £45 per hour and this needs to be paid one month in advance alongside the £200 bond. I would appreciate your comments.

Best wishes

Gary T

Speed Session

Speed session tomorrow night if any members are interested. Meet at Weelsby Woods car park at 6.30pm. Format will be 10 x 1km with 3 mins recovery. You can opt to do as many reps as you wish and will give you specific interval training for improving your 5 and 10km times by making you more resilient. Hope to see you there tomorrow.


Dear members,

I have had a constructive meeting with David Scott and some members of the newly formed Cleethorpes Triathlon club at swimming tonight.

The session at Havelock pool is still booked under the name of Grimsby Tri club and  can be attended by all members. Although I don’t agree with the formation of a new triathlon club, it is now a reality and we need to work together to allow triathlon in this area to flourish. Please show your support for the swim sessions so that they can continue as attendees are now having to pay £45 for the hour and we will secure this session with a £200 bond. I must stress that the continued success of the club is down to you the members supporting such events.

I feel it is timely that we hold our AGM and will propose a date over the next couple of days once a venue can be confirmed.

Gary T


Louth Tri Win

Big well done to Tom Sanigar who won the Louth triathlon yesterday!


Many thanks to all the 25 members/participants who turned out for the final duathlon of 2016 and made the event worthwhile. Again thanks to Alison and Charlie Boardman for volunteering to marshal and a big thank-you to Alan Cook for setting out the course not just for last night but for the whole duathlon series and organising the buffet afterwards. Apologies to those newcomers who got lost due to the sign instructing them to turn left towards Wold Newton inadvertently falling down or was it sabotaged!

Look forward to seeing some of you at Louth tri this weekend and good luck for the rest of the season!

PS apologies if my adding up is wrong!

Best wishes Gary T

DUATHLON EVENT-CLICKEM INN -1.09.16 1m 10 mile 1 mile and time trial

Run-cycle-run hardcore group

Name Run 1 Cycle Run 2 Overall
Pete Goy 6.58 29.39 9.03 45.40 3rd
Richard Perry 7.28 32.30 7.38 47.36 4th
John Armstrong 6.30 29.36 7.56 44.02 2nd
Valentine Maeer 7.28 32.05 8.14 47.47 5th
Tom Sanigar 5.47 28.30 6.21 40.38 1st





NAME Time 10 miles and a bit Position
Sam Jensen Martin 37.57 15th
Kate Simmons 35.23 11th
Neil McCray DNF -got lost  
Karen Hames 31.11 8th
Pete Hudson 42.36 16th
David Downham DNF-got lost  
John Rickells 27.50 2nd =
Paul Jackson 28.46 4th
Dave Hodkinson 28.52 5th
Dave Reed 29.10 6th
Tracey Wilkinson 31.46 9th
Clive Thornley 35.11 14th
John Fowler DNF-got lost  
Mike Hanson 32.55 12th
Shaun Robinson 25.19 1st
Sam Stenton DNF got lost  
Jamie Sullivan 33.27 13th
Craig Marriott 32.17 10th
Richard Townsend 29.37 7th
Gavin Key 27.50 2=





Final Duathlon

The following members have confirmed that they will be at the Clickem Inn for Thursday’s duathlon and buffet. Last call for anyone else considering or missed off the list please

Gary Thomas

Alan and Sarah Cook

Tony Ogden

Will Davies

Clive and Tim Thornley

Tracey Wilkinson

Dave Reed

Karen Hames

Jamie Sullivan

Sam Jensen

Shaun and Helen Robinson

Dan Chico

Tom Sanigar

Dave Hodkinson


Final Duathlon

Dear members,

Believe it or not next Thursday is the final duathlon at the Click’em Inn, Binbrook. Last year we put on a buffet (funded by the club) after the event to support the pub and have a bit of a social gathering. Please let me know ASAP if you are going to attend and then we can confirm numbers for ordering food etc…Looking forward to your responses-message me at or via facebook.

Best wishes