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Dates for your diary next year

Looking ahead to next year, here’s a couple of dates for your diary.

The Grimsby Triathlon Club Annual Dinner is set for Friday 10th February 2017 at the Mill House, Covenham. Karen Hames is organising and will post more details nearer the time.

Also, don’t forget to get signed up for the Cleveland Steelman half ironman distance triathlon on Saturday 15th July 2017.

Looking at the start-list so far you’ll be in good company.

Tri Club Annual Dinner

Note for your diaries in the New Year.

Karen H is organising the Grimsby Tri Club annual dinner for Friday 5 th February 2016 at the Mill House, Covenham.

The cost will be around £16 per head and Karen will confirm exact cost when the menus are available.

Autumn Duathlon Postponed – Now Sunday 18th

Unfortunately the Duathlon planned for this Sunday is cancelled. Apologies to all that responded but due to the lack of numbers and it clashes with a number of other events.

As we have prepared the course we have re-scheduled for the following Sunday 18th October. All details as previously posted.

Please let Karen H know sometime next week if you can make this new date.

Autumn Duathlon – Details

Details from Karen H about next Sunday’s Autumn Duathlon, 11th October.

The distances are (approx) Run 1: 3300m Bike: 7000m Run 2: 3000m.

Those who wish to just run there is option of a 6300m run or for the more adventurous 12400m!

Can you please let Karen know direct if you are attending (for catering) so we have rough numbers.

The course in the woodlands is dry at the moment however there is some rain forecast this week so it might be a bit soft in places.

Cost is £2 contribution towards food. See you there!

Karen H (07803 616435)

Autumn Duathlon – Sunday 11th October

Details from Karen about the Autumn Duathlon:

Sunday 11th October at Rennisons Carr Farm, Elsham DN20 0BF. Meet 09.30 for 10am start.

Cost £2 to include bacon/sausage bun tea and coffee etc.

Into the Sunrise!

For those without MTB there are run only options. Distances approx 3km run 6.5km bike 3km run.
Optional longer run as well for those wanting a little more challenge!

Course and finer details posted out nearer date.


Karen H

End of Season Clickem TT – Results

The weather managed to stay dry for a great turnout at the last Clickem event for 2015.

24 members arrived ready to tackle a 10 mile time trial, only to find our that Alan had other plans.

In the end, with a couple of extra loops put in, it was a 15 mile(ish) cycle route ending back at the Clickem for a champions buffet and a little club banter.

Bike Pos
Stuart Wells 00:38:16 1
Dale Waterman 00:41:54 2
Shaun R 00:42:39 3
Pete Goy 00:43:45 4
Bob W 00:43:49 5
Gavin Key 00:44:41 6
Shane 00:45:35 7
Dave Reed 00:47:12 8
Andy Pegg 00:48:57 9
Steve Green 00:50:31 10
Kate 00:50:56 11
Mark 00:51:02 12
Craig 00:52:00 13
Chris G 00:52:56 14
Jo Farmery 00:54:47 15
Will 00:55:02 16
Clive F 00:55:47 17
Kevin 00:56:58 18
Tony D 00:57:21 19
David Scott 00:57:56 20
Ann 00:59:01 21
Mike H 00:59:43 22
Amy 01:07:22 23
Emily 01:12:00 24

As usual, thanks to everyone who turned out to not only take part but also to support the event, marshall and time-keep.

A special thanks goes out from the club to Alan and Sarah who have organised an excellent series of events which have helped make 2015 one of the best club turnouts we’ve seen over recent years.

Karen H will be organising an Offroad Duathlon (MTB required) plus a Trail Run for those who don’t want to bike at Elsham in Oct (watch this space for details).

Finally, everyone at the club wishes Karen good luck when she is competing for Team GB in Chicago in a couple of weeks.

Just for the record

We thought that other members might be interested in a race report of Tony Ogden’s recent experience of the Outlaw Triathlon.

I did my first triathlon in 1989 and graduated up to ironman distance by completing The Longest Day in Wolverhamption in 1996 and 1999. In those days, there was only one ironman distance event each year in the UK, and a race with 100 competitors was a big field.

When the golden handcuffs (ie married life) and the kids came along I took a break of 11 years from triathlon before waking up to the realisation that I had not felt quite the same since and so I signed up for the very first Outlaw triathlon in 2010. When I told Mrs O, she gave me one of those motivational one-liners that only a long term partner can- “You idiot, you’ll never do it.” That seemed reason enough. I also did it in 2012.

This year’s performance marks my 50th year, and 26 years since my first triathlon, which just goes to show that if it is worth doing, then it is worth doing badly.

web-AUTA0956 web-OUTD3567

web-OUTC0863 web-OUTF3974

Just for the record books, I managed to complete The Outlaw yesterday in a time of 13:02:55. It was my best time for the course by 22 seconds. 53rd out of 101 finishers in my age group- there has to be some advantages to turning 50- and 588 out of 986 finishers overall. No dramas, just slow!

Thanks for the report Tony.

If any other members want to share their recent race experiences, please forward your report to Gary T.



Duathlon Results 04/06/15

It was another fine evening for last night’s Duathlon.

Alan set out the 2-10-2 course to entertain everyone and it didn’t disappoint.

An excellent turnout of 13 participants, all in high spirits, before the final 2 mile run that is.

Karen and Sam elected for a shorter 1 mile option, otherwise everyone tackled the full distance.


Once again, Gary T romped home in a blistering time, with Shane taking the honors on the night for the fastest bike split.

Quickest lady for the full distance was Kate; next time do the 2 mile run Karen 😉

Run Bike Run Final
Karen 00:07:31 00:33:26 00:07:23 0:48:20
Sam N 00:13:40 00:43:44 00:10:56 1:08:20
Kate 00:14:50 00:34:53 00:15:40 1:05:23
Emily 00:17:01 00:39:27 00:20:18 1:16:46
Alan 00:15:14 00:32:50 00:16:54 1:04:58
Clive 00:15:45 00:38:34 00:17:48 1:12:07
Chris G 00:14:58 00:35:32 00:16:25 1:06:55
D Hodkinson 00:14:37 00:31:31 00:16:19 1:02:27
Richard 00:14:46 00:34:07 00:16:14 1:05:07
Gavin 00:15:06 00:30:57 00:17:13 1:03:16
Elaine 00:16:31 00:38:15 00:18:52 1:13:38
Gary T 00:11:11 00:30:46 00:11:56 0:53:53
Shane 00:13:15 00:30:38 00:14:28 0:58:21

Thanks to David Herriot who took some excellent pictures which have been posted in the club Facebook group.

As always, thanks to those who supported this event by marshalling and time-keeping. We (literally) cannot do it without you. And, of course, thanks to Alan and Sarah for setting up another great club event.

Finally, just a reminder that the next event is June 25th. I heard a whisper that the fabled “Grueller” may be returning (2-14-2) so we’ll see if that can tempt Shaun R out to challenge our Chairman.

Good luck to everyone racing at Woodhall on the 14th June.


Tri Club Dinner Update

Thanks to all those who have contacted me about the club dinner.

I will send out the menu nearer the time for you to make choices. In the meantime if there are any other members attending please let me know by Monday 23rd February .

The date is Friday 27th February 7.30pm for 8pm dinner.

Many thanks,

Karen H.

Duathlon Results

Thanks to Charlie B running last week’s Duathlon and to Pete Goy for marshalling.

Results below (worked out by Gary M)

Distance 1m / 10m / 1m

Name Run 1 Bike Run 2 Total Time
Gary H 00:06:01 1 00:30:58 4 00:06:28 1 00:43:27
Shaun 00:07:10 3 00:28:50 1 00:07:44 2 00:43:44
Gary M 00:06:39 2 00:30:40 3 00:08:11 5 00:45:30
Gavin 00:07:23 4 00:30:39 2 00:08:44 6 00:46:46
Gemma 00:07:23 4 00:33:55 5 00:08:09 4 00:49:27
Richard 00:07:40 6 00:34:28 6 00:08:02 3 00:50:10
Ann 00:07:54 8 00:38:37 7 00:08:31 7 00:55:02
Alan 00:07:40 6 DNF (flat)

Well done to Nick Bailey for flying the Grimsby Tri flag at yesterday’s Outlaw. Nick completed the iron distance event in 12:11:58.