Swim session

Dear members

If members wish to swim tonight at Havelock pool it will be at the earlier time of 8-9pm with Cleethorpes tri club. Dave Scott has said that members from Grimsby are welcome but I feel we need to have our own session if numbers and interest makes it viable. We no longer have a free session 8.45-9.45. I am looking for alternative venues and times and will get back to you. Please can you message me if

a) you are still a member of grimsbytri or not!

b) want to continue swimming on a Monday night

c) have any other suggestions for pool hire/times

I need to get an idea of numbers before we commit to anything as it will cost £45 per hour and this needs to be paid one month in advance alongside the £200 bond. I would appreciate your comments.

Best wishes

Gary T

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  1. Hi Gary,

    Yes im currently a member of gy tri and will be for next season too.

    Inm not too fussed about a single swim but i would be interested maybe if we went thru Cads masters.

    I have emailed karen and mike at cads to see if masters sessions are available. I know it was available a few months ago. They were doing 2 coached sessions per week for 20£/ mnth which is good value. I don’t know what the effect of a 2nd local club will be on our membership but would imagine that itsgonna be hard to sustain a paid session.

    Im inclined to think we could leave them to it, they are having to find 65£ per week inc coaching. Therefore turnout has to be quite high and very regular, which we know from experience is difficult.

    I will pass on cads reply. The sessions we used to do with ian and the lads were very good. Its just a thought. I swim morning sessions but would be willing to commit to a few months and see how it goes. Incidently MattC is a level 2 swim coach;))( assume Matt picks this up )

    If you need any help don’t hesitate Garry

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