Many thanks to all the 25 members/participants who turned out for the final duathlon of 2016 and made the event worthwhile. Again thanks to Alison and Charlie Boardman for volunteering to marshal and a big thank-you to Alan Cook for setting out the course not just for last night but for the whole duathlon series and organising the buffet afterwards. Apologies to those newcomers who got lost due to the sign instructing them to turn left towards Wold Newton inadvertently falling down or was it sabotaged!

Look forward to seeing some of you at Louth tri this weekend and good luck for the rest of the season!

PS apologies if my adding up is wrong!

Best wishes Gary T

DUATHLON EVENT-CLICKEM INN -1.09.16 1m 10 mile 1 mile and time trial

Run-cycle-run hardcore group

Name Run 1 Cycle Run 2 Overall
Pete Goy 6.58 29.39 9.03 45.40 3rd
Richard Perry 7.28 32.30 7.38 47.36 4th
John Armstrong 6.30 29.36 7.56 44.02 2nd
Valentine Maeer 7.28 32.05 8.14 47.47 5th
Tom Sanigar 5.47 28.30 6.21 40.38 1st





NAME Time 10 miles and a bit Position
Sam Jensen Martin 37.57 15th
Kate Simmons 35.23 11th
Neil McCray DNF -got lost  
Karen Hames 31.11 8th
Pete Hudson 42.36 16th
David Downham DNF-got lost  
John Rickells 27.50 2nd =
Paul Jackson 28.46 4th
Dave Hodkinson 28.52 5th
Dave Reed 29.10 6th
Tracey Wilkinson 31.46 9th
Clive Thornley 35.11 14th
John Fowler DNF-got lost  
Mike Hanson 32.55 12th
Shaun Robinson 25.19 1st
Sam Stenton DNF got lost  
Jamie Sullivan 33.27 13th
Craig Marriott 32.17 10th
Richard Townsend 29.37 7th
Gavin Key 27.50 2=





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