1) Attendance-

Gary Thomas (Chairman), Sarah Cook (treasurer), Alan Cook, Tim Moss, Alison Boardman, Richard Perry, Tony Ogden, Carl Groves , Jo Farmery, Mark Crellin, Shane Burns, Shaun Robinson, Alison Boardman, Charlotte, Barbara Brown, Anne Mortimer, Hayley Salt

2) Apologies-

Tracey Wilkinson, Karen Hames, Charlie Boardman, David Rouse, Dave Regler, Gemma McCarthy, Gavin Key

3) Chairman’s remarks

Gary expressed his thanks to all the members who supported the club over the past year and in particular Alan Cook for taking over the duathlon events and organising these. The duathlons have proved popular this year with a higher than average number of competitors taking part. Swimming sessions continue to be well attended on a Monday evening at Havelock school and sessions with Doug Eke based at Louth leisure centre. Some members have joined the water rats and they have approached me over the summer wanting to joint organise an open water swimming championships next summer. Gary went to a preliminary meeting in August and initial ideas are for it to be hosted at the yacht club and have an open event with various\distances ranging from two miles down to half a mile to attract more competitors-watch this space for further information as it unfolds.

Big thank you to Charlie Boardman and the ‘Saucy Fish Company’ who have kindly donated £200 towards the new kit and will be used to help subsidise some of the cost-see later details. Membership this year is healthy with 20 new members and 21 existing members.

Thanks once again to Matt Clarke for setting up and maintaining the web-site and Dave Regler for general housekeeping. Dave Herriott has expressed an interest in setting a new web-site up for the club so we await details.

Congratulations were given to Karen Hames who represented Great Britain in the world age group championships in Chicago and continues to carry the flag for Grimsby triathlon club. The club thanked Karen for organising the annual club meal and off road duathlon.

4) Appointment of club posts

Gary agreed to remain as chairperson, Sarah Cook as club treasurer/secretary and Alan Cook as ‘Events Manager’

5) Treasurer’s report

The club has a membership total of 41. A copy of the accounts is available from Sarah Cook.

Expenditure £1893.90-majority of which was on new club kit

Income £3389.47 (£1457 was transferred from a deposit account)

Total balance £1495.57

6) New club kit-this has been purchased by Gary Thomas and is available for purchase. The tri suits retail at £87 each but the club/Saucy fish contribution will part fun this and make the price £80 per suit. Hayley Salt suggested finding a company that does individual orders because the kit can only be ordered in minimum batches of 15 and is very costly for the club and restricts individual members buying separate items eg jackets, cycling jerseys etc Gary will investigate companies that might be able to offer this service eg pro-active team wear in Waltham who do their own printing.

7) Duathlons

Due to the success of last summer it was proposed to keep the events 3 weeks apart and based mainly at the Click’em Inn, Binbrook. Richard Perry suggested having a few events at different locations to add some variety eg swallow route, Croxby  etc…Dates and venues will be proposed and posted on the web-site in the new year. It was suggested that reusable numbers should be purchased for competitors due to the increasing amount of people attending the events and making the time keeping process easier to manage. The club will still continue to charge £2 per event and put this money behind the bar and support the Click’em for their generous use of their venue.

8) AOB

Anne Mortimer asked if the club would consider purchasing a gazebo particularly for events such as the Nottingham Club relays. Gary will look into buying one ready for next season. Gary thanked Anne for organising the Nottingham relays and putting 3 teams into the competition. He promised to participate in the event next year!


Shaun Robinson mentioned Lindsey Roads Cycling club and becoming a member which is £15 per year and they put on various time trial/cycling events throughout the year and would encourage our members to join. The first three competitions are free and Grimsby tri club is CTC registered so you are eligible to ride.

Gary proposed a toast to the club and thanked members for their support and looked forward to another successful year in 2016.

9) Meeting closed at 8.00 pm-

Gary Thomas-28.11.15

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