Just for the record

We thought that other members might be interested in a race report of Tony Ogden’s recent experience of the Outlaw Triathlon.

I did my first triathlon in 1989 and graduated up to ironman distance by completing The Longest Day in Wolverhamption in 1996 and 1999. In those days, there was only one ironman distance event each year in the UK, and a race with 100 competitors was a big field.

When the golden handcuffs (ie married life) and the kids came along I took a break of 11 years from triathlon before waking up to the realisation that I had not felt quite the same since and so I signed up for the very first Outlaw triathlon in 2010. When I told Mrs O, she gave me one of those motivational one-liners that only a long term partner can- “You idiot, you’ll never do it.” That seemed reason enough. I also did it in 2012.

This year’s performance marks my 50th year, and 26 years since my first triathlon, which just goes to show that if it is worth doing, then it is worth doing badly.

web-AUTA0956 web-OUTD3567

web-OUTC0863 web-OUTF3974

Just for the record books, I managed to complete The Outlaw yesterday in a time of 13:02:55. It was my best time for the course by 22 seconds. 53rd out of 101 finishers in my age group- there has to be some advantages to turning 50- and 588 out of 986 finishers overall. No dramas, just slow!

Thanks for the report Tony.

If any other members want to share their recent race experiences, please forward your report to Gary T.



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