Duathlon Results 04/06/15

It was another fine evening for last night’s Duathlon.

Alan set out the 2-10-2 course to entertain everyone and it didn’t disappoint.

An excellent turnout of 13 participants, all in high spirits, before the final 2 mile run that is.

Karen and Sam elected for a shorter 1 mile option, otherwise everyone tackled the full distance.


Once again, Gary T romped home in a blistering time, with Shane taking the honors on the night for the fastest bike split.

Quickest lady for the full distance was Kate; next time do the 2 mile run Karen 😉

Run Bike Run Final
Karen 00:07:31 00:33:26 00:07:23 0:48:20
Sam N 00:13:40 00:43:44 00:10:56 1:08:20
Kate 00:14:50 00:34:53 00:15:40 1:05:23
Emily 00:17:01 00:39:27 00:20:18 1:16:46
Alan 00:15:14 00:32:50 00:16:54 1:04:58
Clive 00:15:45 00:38:34 00:17:48 1:12:07
Chris G 00:14:58 00:35:32 00:16:25 1:06:55
D Hodkinson 00:14:37 00:31:31 00:16:19 1:02:27
Richard 00:14:46 00:34:07 00:16:14 1:05:07
Gavin 00:15:06 00:30:57 00:17:13 1:03:16
Elaine 00:16:31 00:38:15 00:18:52 1:13:38
Gary T 00:11:11 00:30:46 00:11:56 0:53:53
Shane 00:13:15 00:30:38 00:14:28 0:58:21

Thanks to David Herriot who took some excellent pictures which have been posted in the club Facebook group.

As always, thanks to those who supported this event by marshalling and time-keeping. We (literally) cannot do it without you. And, of course, thanks to Alan and Sarah for setting up another great club event.

Finally, just a reminder that the next event is June 25th. I heard a whisper that the fabled “Grueller” may be returning (2-14-2) so we’ll see if that can tempt Shaun R out to challenge our Chairman.

Good luck to everyone racing at Woodhall on the 14th June.


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