Dear members,

Please find the minutes from Friday’s meeting below. Any comments would be appreciated on how we can take OUR club forward !!



  • Attendance-

Gary Thomas (Chairman), Sarah Cook (treasurer), Alan Cook, Tim Moss, Karen Hames, Alison Boardman, Richard Perry, Tony Ogden, Dave Rouse, Carl Groves , Chris Rogers

  • Apologies-

Tracey Wilkinson, Charlie Boardman, Gary Martin, Tony Hopkins, Hayley Salt, Matt Clarke, David Plunkitt, Shaun Robinson, Dave Regler, Steve Race

  • Last year’s minutes were checked and agreed by members that they were a true record of that meeting. No amendments required. Proposed by Tim Moss, seconded by Richard Perry.
  • Chairman’s remarks

Gary again expressed his intention to relinquish the chairman’s role, mainly in part to his lack of involvement in competing in triathlon events, a dwindling membership, a lack of support over the duathlon series, and a lack of joint responsibility amongst members to organise training events. Gary expressed his confusion as to why

  1. well known tri-athletes in the local area no longer continued to support their ‘local’ club.
  2. very few members take up the chance of a FREE swim on a Monday night at Havelock Pool
  3. only one one/two members of the club attend the group run/speed session, or turn up to organised group cycle rides.

No one present expressed an interest to take over the chairman’s role. It was proposed by Gary that the club should fold and as per the constitution all monies be donated to local charities. Gary thanked all those members who had contributed their services to the club over the years-notably Tim Moss-for setting out signs/racking on many duathlon nights, Dave Regler for general updating of the web-site, Matt Clarke for web-site set up and ongoing maintenance, Sarah Cook for her contribution as treasurer, Alan Cook for deputising, Alison and Charlie Boardman for organising the Aquathons at Louth.

The issue was opened up to the floor and the following points were raised

-Members felt that the club’s small and friendly ethos was still a great asset and that the club should continue in the hope of recruiting new members. It was in part due to the location of some members ie not all based around Grimsby as a part reason for the poor turn-out at some events.

-it was agreed by those present that the club’s future was dependent upon its members taking a more active role eg taking charge of duathlon events, organising training rides/group training sessions.

-members expressed their wish to return the duathlon series to the Clickem Inn, Binbrook as a base for the duathlon events.

-it was proposed that two new ‘Events Manager’ posts should be created to take on the responsibility of putting on the duathlon series for 2015. Alan Cook and Chris Rogers offered themselves for these roles

-Tony Ogden suggested organising a group social cycle ride over the Christmas period

Treasurer’s report

The club has a membership total of 33 down from 40 from previous year.

Expenditure £453.50

Income £1475 net £1022

Deposit reserve of £1455.83

Total balance £2477.83

Closing Comments-

It was decided that the club would continue for another year with Gary Thomas as Chairman, but acting as a figure head overseeing BTA affiliation/CTC and liaising with police before duathlon season commences-members would organise events in conjunction with the new events managers Alan Cook and Chris Rogers at the helm.

  • Meeting closed at 8.00 pm-

Gary Thomas-23.11.14

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