Croxby Crippler Results

Many thanks to all those who turned out last Thursday especially Pete Goy for marshalling duties and Alison Boardman for dropping off the magic green box !!
This was an eventful race on what is fast becoming a classic course. Gary Martin screeched up in his pimped up VW van just as the race was about to start with cycle helmet in place and still managed to get lost despite doing this same race last year !! Karen Hames decided to do a scenic tour of the Lincolnshire Wolds which included a free stop off to view the hitorical sights of Binbrook market place !! Gary Thomas on a rare trip out was flying in 1st place down the notorious farmhouse dip thinking that he had got the race in the bag when he hit a sharp stone and punctured !! Three new rookies Tom Sanigar, Adam Johnson and Kevin Ryan chose the one race in the duathlon calendar that all other members seem to avoid but seemed to enjoy the experience anyhow (proof will be if they turn up for the next race).
Hope to see you at the next race in two weeks time-there are only 2 races scheduled to complete the summer series!!
Results are shown below

Name run pos bike pos run pos overall pos
Tom Sanigar 5.59 5th 39.31 2nd 7.54 6th 53.44 2nd
Adam Johnson 5.46 2nd 38.40 1st 6.39 1st 51.03 1st
Kevin Ryan 6.15 7th 42.04 4th 8.23 7th 56.12 3rd
Karen Hames 7.25 8th Wrong route 56.29
Paul Horton 5.59 6th 41.48 3rd 7.35 4th 55.22 6th
Craig Marriott 7.48 9th 47.06 8th 9.06 8th 64.04 8th
Gary Thomas 5.38 1st 43.46 6th 7.25 2nd 57.01 4th=
Will Davies 5.58 4th 46.39 7th 7.35 4th 59.58 7th
Gary Martin 5.52 3rd 43.33 5th 7.26 3rd 57.01 4th=

Best wishes

Gary T

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