Many thanks to all those members who supported the event and to Paul Mortimer for helping out with marshalling duties. Good to see a Louth member in attendance who romped home in first place !! lets hope a few more will follow suit. The next race will be Thurday 19th June 7pm Swallow.

Name 1m run position 11.4 m bike position 1m Run position Overall time Overall position
Anne Mortimer 8.38  6th 50.07 8th 9.32 6th 1.08.17 8th
Phil Hewitt 7.09 2nd 37.58 2nd 7.40 2nd 52.47 2nd
Craig Marriott 8.41 7th 46.25 6th 11.12 8th 1.06.18 6th
Jon Bromfield 6.25 1st 32.32 1st 6.31 1st 45.28 1st
Ady Atter 9.07  8th 47.53 7th 10.02 7th 1.06.57 7th
Karen Hames 7.41 3rd 44.04 5th 9.25 5th 1.03.10 5th
Gemma Mc Carthy 7.41 3rd= 43.36 4th 8.33 3rd 59.50 4th
Gavin Key  7.41 3rd= 38.59 3rd 9.20 4th 56.00 3rd



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