Aquathon Results – 23rd March

It was a great turn-out today for the Aquathon at Louth. Some new faces included Jon Dixon who has just joined the club, plus David (apologies, didn’t catch your surname) and Simon Sharp who both popped their Aquathon cherries this morning.

From the off Jon laid down an awesome swim split and gave Will a real target to chase in a battle royale that went right down to a sprint finish. Further back there where some close times with PB’s for the Aquathon regulars.

Someone must have forgotten to mention this is a training event, not a race!

Name Swim Time (400m)
Run Time (incl T1)
Run Distance
Jon D 6:54 24:41 4 laps 31:35
Simon S 7:31 32:22 4 laps 39:53
Will 7:31 24:02 4 laps 31:33
Tracey W 7:58 31:54 4 laps 39:52
Bob W* 15:36 DNR
Dave R 7:53 25:54 4 laps 33:47
Mark R 8:42 25:32 4 laps 34:14
David 9:57 29:07 4 laps 39:04

* Bob swam 800m before jumping on his bike.

Thanks to Ali and Charlie B for time-keeping (although I did not get a satisfactory reason why Charlie wasn’t competing).

Next Aquathon is Sunday 13th April.

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  1. David Prissick

    Had a great time today and thoroughly enjoyed my 1st Aquathlon. Many thanks to all involved for making my introduction to this discipline so much fun.

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