Winter Duathlon and Trail Run Results

It was an excellent turn-out for the club’s first offroad winter Duathlon at Elsham.

Karen Hames and family put on an excellent, well-marked offroad course, which was completed either as a duathlon or an optional trail run.
As well as a tough workout it was an excellent social event, with tea, coffee and bacon butties for the finishers.

Top honours for the Duathlon went to Jono Bromfield who popped over from Louth tri to make us suffer.


Into the Sunrise!

Special thanks to Ali B for the butties, Chris for marshalling and Dave Plunkett for the time-keeping. And, of course, thanks again to Karen for organising such a great day.

Results for the Duathlon are:

Name Run 1 (3.7km) Bike (7km) Run 2 (2.6km) Total Time Position
Jon B 14:15 16:44 10:47 41:46 1st
Dave Reid 16:69 20:02 12:19 49:20 2nd
Dave Reg 17:12 20:19 12:27 49:59 3rd
Gary M 18:01 19:45 14:14 52:00 4th
Richard 19:15 22:00 13:26 54:41 5th
Donna 20:51 21:11 14:35 56:57 6th (1st F)
Alan 20:51 23:32 15:02 59:25 7th
Tracey W 21:57 22:27 16:35 60:59 8th
Tim DNR 22:00 DNR

Trail run times over various distances were:

Name Run Course
Gary T 47:39 Run 1 + Bike lap (10.7km)
Si Gibney 47:40 Run 1 + Bike lap (10.7km)
Gary H 47:41 Run 1 + Bike lap (10.7km)
Ady 44:20 2 x Run 1 (8.4km)
Charlie 49:14 2 x Run 1(8.4km)
Iain 35:25 Run 1 + Run 2 (6.3km)

Watch this space for announcements of our next winter duathlon and trail run being organised by Gary T. It’s planned for Irby Dales in January (subject to weather of course)

More pictures taken by Dave Plunkett have been uploaded to the Grimsby Tri Club facebook group.

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  1. thanks again for letting a ‘outsider’ join in, hopefully louth tri can return the favour one day ! -Jono-

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