1)      Attendance-

Gary Thomas (Chairman), Sarah Cook (treasurer), David Reed, Alan Cook, Shaun Robinson, Tim Moss, Karen Hames, Alison Boardman,  Dave Regler, Gary Martin, Richard Perry, Tony Ogden, Matt Clarke, Gary Howden, Pete Goy, Lee Leggett, Hayley Salt, William Davies, Mark Booth, Dave Plunkett


2)      Apologies-

Dave Rouse, Tracey Wilkinson, Charlie Boardman, Ady Atter, Gary Martin


3)      Last year’s minutes were checked and agreed by members that they were a true record of that meeting. No amendments required.


4)      Chairman’s remarks


Gary expressed his intention to relinquish the chairman’s role, mainly in part to his lack of involvement in competing in triathlon events. Members felt that the club’s small and friendly ethos was a great asset and that Gary provided a figurehead. Members felt that Gary’s lack of competition was an asset as it allowed other members to compete, particularly at the duathlon events. Members suggested playing more of an active role eg taking charge of duathlon events so that they have a greater understanding of what the main responsibilities entail would allow someone to take on responsibility in 2013-14.


Gary thanked all those members who had contributed their services to the club and helped out during the year-notably

Tim Moss-for setting out signs/racking on most of the duathlon night, Dave Regler for general updating, Matt Clarke for web-site set up and ongoing maintenance, Sarah Cook for her contribution as treasurer, Alan Cook for deputising, Alison and Charlie Boardman for organising the Aquathons at Louth.


Gary thanked Havelock School for their continued offer of a free swim session for the club . Gary to organise a small token of appreciation for the Havelock caretakers who wait until 10pm to lock up.


Gary expressed concerns about the club using the Clickem Inn, Binbrook as a base for the duathlon events due to the lack of support this year by members staying after the events for drink/food. Richard Perry proposed that the club put on a buffet to try and encourage members to stay behind at certain events and show the hotsts some support. Member’s decided that this would be done on three occasions-subsidised by club funds-early-mid-late season. Dates to be confirmed with the new duathlon fixture list.


Gary commented on the success of the duathlon series with the inauguration of two new routes from Rothwell and Croxby. These proved popular with competitors and will be integrated into the 2014 duathlon series.


Dave Plunkett has kindly offered to sponsor all members who subscribe in 2013-14 by presenting them with a Grimsby Tri Club towel for use at triathlon events. Details to  follow.


Run sessions-members expressed an interest in re-forming these sessions. Gary suggested Thursday evenings 7pm-People’s Park. Again exact details to follow on the web-site.



Aquathon events will still continue on a monthly basis at Louth Meridian Centre-dates to be confirmed by Alison and Charlie Boardman and posted on the web-site for members.


5)      Election of posts

Gary Thomas –re-elected as Chairman

Sarah Cook-re-elected Treasurer

Dave Regler-General Secretary (main responsibilities-up dating web-site-improving communication with new and existing members through the web-site)


6)      Treasurer’s report

Sarah Cook produced an end of year financial report available for members to view. Opening balance of £1455.83-closing balance of £1595.53-as of 31.10.12

Main expenditures were-BTA affiliation-£105, £260.00 for last year’s AGM/buffet/room hire, £52.00 for Antony Whiteman-guest speaker at club meal at the Millhouse, Covenham.

The club has a membership total of 40 and received £551 in membership fees. The closing balance had taken account of £573.00 for club kit which will be paid back by members, thus giving the club a healthy total of over £2000.


Sarah commented that only new members when paying for subscriptions should complete the personal details form provided on the web-site so that a record of their details can be kept. If existing member’s details change then please inform Sarah accordingly. Gary stressed that this was important for insurance purposes/BTA cover at club based events-emergency contact/medical details.


Club subscriptions are to be kept at £15.00. This can be paid via BACS-details on the web-site and these are due now as the 2012-13 book is now closed.


7)      Duathlon Dates-These will be posted/confirmed in the New Year

Karen Hames has kindly organised an off-road duathlon event on 1st December-Elsham-details to follow.


Gary to organise three off road duathlon events at Irby Dales-on the first weekend of every month starting from January-details to follow soon.



8)       Club Kit-Gary has ordered kit with Champion Systems UK and distributed it to members at the AGM meeting. Any member requiring kit for the new season must contact Gary as soon as possible as some members have requested a further order.


9)      Dave Regler proposed that the club should affiliate to the CTC-cyling time-trial association-allowing members to take place in official time trial events around the region without having to pay the extra costs involved. The cost for affiliation is £30.00 and was agreed by members at the meeting.


Dave raised the issue of sharing out responsibilities/duties to members who wished to compete in the club’s duathlon events, and off load some of the pressure from Gary.  It was proposed that during the planning stage certain roles and responsibilities could be given to volunteers, agreed  at a pre-season meeting which could be organised for early springtime. The following members have expressed their interest in helping out-Dave Regler, Gary Martin, Pete Goy, Alan Cook.

Dave Plunkett offered to organise a few duathlon events at weekends due to attendance issues linked to his work commitments during the week. This would give members an alternative time/day to compete, instead of the usual Thursday evenings.


Dave also gave members an overview of a meeting he attended with Triathlon England and NE Lincs council with regard to a ‘Grimsby Triathlon’ Event for 2014. Watch this space.


10)  Matt Clarke gave details of a proposed event set for 2014. It will take place in August at Woodhall Spa-Jubilee Park Pool for 10 days-cost £85.00 flat fee. Some members and local triathletes will be taking part in an unofficial deca event (10 ironman distances in 10 days). Matt said that this would be open to Grimsby tri members who might want to do an ironman/or any distance event during that time. If any member is interested in getting involved-competing then please contact Matt Clarke ASAP



Gary closed the meeting by thanking all the members who had supported the club over the year and looked forward to another season in 2014.


11)  Meeting closed at 8.40 pm-

Gary Thomas-16.11.13





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