The duathlon series culminated in an epic route that took in some of lincolnshire’ s finest climbs and finished on the notorious heartbreak hill. First honours went to Tom Goodey with a very strong bike split and decent run on the up and down mile that included heartbreak hill, and not too far behind was rookie Mark Booth. All those who raced agreed that the route was ‘tough’ and ‘challenging’ and maybe a contender as a permanent fixture for next season’s series. It is a good gauge of toughness when  Alan Cook’s face turns a darker shade of beetroot and Pete Goy is forced to slow down on some of the technical left turns !!  Apologies to Anne Mortimer and Christine Everatt who were not allowed to finish the last loop due to fading light and taking it in good spirit.

 I would like to thank all those members who have supported the duathlons and made it a memorable year. A special thankyou has to go to Tim Moss who has consistently set out signs and marshalled and made each race run smoothly. Thanks also to all who volunteered in marshalling and timing duties because without your help these races would not be able to run. I will organise some off-road duathlons/runs over the next period of time so keep an eye on the web-site for details.

Results are shown below

Name 1m run position 12 m bike position Overall time position
Tom Goodey 5.51 1st 35.53 1st 41.44 1st
Dave Regler 6.46 5th 46.55 9th 53.41 7th
Alan Cook 8.38 8th 45.01 8th 55.39 8th
Gary Martin 6.23 2nd 41.56 6th 48.19 4th
Mark Booth 6.43 3rd= 37.03 3rd 44.46 2nd
Pete Goy 7.03 6th 39.25 4th 46.28 3rd
Anne Mortimer 8.47 9th Bad light stopped play-sorry      
Jack Goy 7.24 7th 41.05 5th 48.29 5th
Christine Everatt 9.35 10th Bad light stopped play-sorry      
Dave Rouse 6.43 3rd= 42.54 7th 49.37 6th
J. Regler DNR DNR 36.08 2nd TT only TT only

 See you all at the AGM in November time


Gary T


PS hopefully kit will be here by then and Matt Clarke has an interesting proposition !!

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  1. Hi Gary GN run went well finished in 1hr 44min great weekend!

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