Duathlon Results 18th July

What a great summer’s evening to run-bike-run!

It was a good turn out at last night’s Duathlon with some new members taking part for the first time, as well as the return of some old favourites.

Doc C and Milly had an inter-generational challenge that kept everyone waiting with bated breath for the result. In the end, I think Doc just edged it which left Milly a little speechless.

Further up the field there was plenty of action with Pete Goy managing to maintain his good form and winning streak (and even avoided being DQ’d by the evening’s strict marshalls).

Good to see two new members Gavin and Gemma – next time Gemma promises to bring her running shoes.

Name 1 m run 10 m bike 1m run Overall time Overall position
Christine  8:55  42:55  9:46  61:46  6th
Anne  8:00  46:55  9:35  65:20  7th
Karen  7:10  38:55  8:02  48:20  4th
Pete  6:30  30:19  8:17  45:06  1st
Lee  6:55  31:37  7:33  46:05  2nd
Milly  9:42  74:00  14:36  88:36  9th
Doc  8:11  74:00  14:11  88:11  8th
Big Dave  8:03  32:35  9:16  49:54  5th
Gavin  7:00  31:52  9:16  47:48  3rd
Gemma  DNR  44:40  DNR  –

As always, thanks to Big Dave for setting out the signs and to Alan, Sarah, Gary T, etc for time-keeping, marshalling, etc.

Sunday is Woodhall and we have 12 Grimsby Tri members competing (including yours truly) so we’re hoping for a dry and not-too-hot morning’s racing.

Dave R

Editor’s Note: – Christine’s and Anne’s overall times have been corrected from original post.

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to doing another in the near future.

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