Chairmans Handicap roundup-4th July

Congratulations to Paul Horton who crossed the line first and as such claimed the coveted prize !! However serious questions have got to be raised about the reliability of the decisions made by the handicapping committee!!! This will need to be reviewed at the next AGM. Huge PB by Anne Mortimer on the tough 14m route knocking nearly 10 mins off her time-remember Anne those immortal words from Lord Armstrong ‘it is not all about the bike’ -who was he kidding!! Pete Goy posted a strong bike time of around 37 mins averaging 21mph-although he has put in plenty of training in recently!! although his son Jack was not too far behind so keep looking over your shoulder Dad. Christine continues to persevere with her bespoke pre-race warm up routine- not read about this one in any triathlon training bible. Thanks to Paul Mortimer and Karen Hames for marshalling duties. Big thanks to Dave Regler for sign setting out duties. Congratulations to Karen Hames who recently represented GB for her age group in Turkey-watch this space soon for a race report. If you have any photos/results of races then please forward on to Dave Regler.

No overall positions added as first to cross the line is the winner-rules is rules!!

Name 14m bike position 2.39m run position
Anne Mortimer 50.30 9th 20.15 6th
Christine Everatt 61.30 10th 26.40 10th
Addy Atter 48.12 8th 22.03 9th
Will Davies 41.33 7th 19.15 3rd
Paul Horton 38.30 3rd 17.18 2nd
Jack Goy 37.38 2nd DNR DNR
Dave Plunkitt 41.31 6th 23.44 2nd
Gary Howden 40.48 5th 16.13 1st
Dave Regler 43.12 7th 19.41 5th
Gary Martin 39.04 4th 20.41 7th
Pete Goy 37.03 1st 19.23 4th



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