Grimsby’s first triathlon

Some archive footage sent to me from Dave Holmes (Wolds Vets) who won the one and only Great Grimsby Triathlon
As mentioned to you in the past, I eventually dug out my old records and thought it may be of interest to your members
Attached results for 1987 Grimsby Triathlon – this was a never to be repeated event, although I recollect that a youth triathlon with an open water section was staged the following year.
Categories are a bit confusing – Adult male/female over 18 (full course), senior male/female under 18 (but older than the juniors) both – shorter courses
Course/distances for our event (adults) from memory –
800 mtr? Swim (Scartho Baths)
Cycle – left out of the pool – Scartho Rd, Louth Rd, through New Waltham, Hewitts Ave, Humberston Rd, Weelsby Rd, Nuns corner – back to the pool
basically left all the way around the shortest route as it was then -distance? I’ll let you work it out
Run ????? no recollection or idea except it was about 6 miles (ask Glyn Cook if you’ve got his email)
Points of interest – no roads were closed, no marshals (except a police women as we came out of the pool car park), traffic lights at Hainton Inn and I think there was a set at Nuns corner (as now) both on green as I hit them, but lots of people went through on red.
Graham Marcussen was the favourite (or so he was telling anyone who was interested) and the only cyclist with ‘Look’ type pedals and shoes.
We were set off at 30 sec. intervals into the pool at least an hour after the official start time.
I was on afternoons that day and with the late start missed the shift bus and had to finish off my win with a 10 mile cycle dash to work.
Photo was taken at Tim Farr’s house the following wk. end (Middle daughter Donna alongside)
Most of the competitors were runners with many of the younger ones still running today.

Also attached results for Scunthorpe event the same year.

“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.” – Theodore Roosevelt



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    And I’m still racing. Graham 🙂
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  2. Dave Plunkett

    I remember this triathlon well. Setting off on a run from my home Conyers Avenue towards Nuns Corner I was dumbfounded to be cheered on when approaching Scartho baths…..apparently they thought I was competing in the triathlon and indeed the first runner home!

  3. Richard Perry

    I did this event, but don’t remember much about it , was it really 87? Run route was through park at the back of the pool then back along weelsby rd to pool finish.

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