Belated Duathlon Results

Many apologies to those who raced last Thursday but it has taken me a week to try and fathom out Alan Cook’s new time keeping methodology. The result sheet is difficult to decipher so the 10m bike and overall times are missing.

Name overall position 2m Run 10m bike 2m run
John Cameron 3rd 13.42 6th +3.27 2nd 14.43 4th
Gary Thomas 10th 11.44 1st +11.30 8th 19.00 9th
Dave Plunkett 9th 17.41 10th +11.45 9th 18.45 8th
Gary Martin 4th 12.55 4th +3.38 3rd 15.21 6th
Ady Atter DNF 18.44 11th +19.17 11th DNF
Andrew Horton 6th 13.46 8th +10.05 7th 15.31 7th
Shaun Robinson 1st 12.49 3rd 0.00 Fastest bike 14.10 2nd
Mike Duncalf 8th 15.53 9th +9.45 6th 19.13 10th
Will Davies 5th 12.56 5th + 6.15 5th 14.45 5th
Helen Robinson 7th 13.45 7th + 13.08 10th 14.38 3rd
Gary Howden 2nd 12.23 2nd + 4.50 4th 13.08 1st

Big thanks as always to Tim Moss for sign duty and marshalling, Tony Ogden for marshalling and Alan Cook for his bespoke timekeeping. Next event is Thursday 6th June 7pm start . If you fancy a pre race duathlon warm up then enter Croxby Crawl 2 lapper on Wednesday 5th June- 7pm start-this is not for the feint hearted.

Best wishes

Gary T

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