It’s an Aquathon…. but not as you know it

There’s an Aquathon planned for this Sunday 26th at Meridian Centre Louth, starting 8:30am.

In view of the rubbish weather we’ve been having and, since Sunday’s forecast looks good, Ali B has decided to run a slightly different session.

We’ll start with a 400m swim and then transition to a short bike ride for those who bring their bikes with them (bring a bike lock as we’ll be using the bike racks outside the Meridian).

It needs to be stressed that this isn’t an organised race, just a training session, so there will be no marshalls on route (which will be agreed in the morning but is likely to be around 10 miles). Plus it’s unlikely we’ll be time-keeping.

On returning to the Meridian, after you lock up your bike, then there’s an option to run a few laps of the old railway line as per normal.

It’s a good opportunity to extend your brick sessions and catch up with club members on what should be a rare sunny morning.

Hope to see some of you there.

Dave R


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