Duathlon Results 25th April-14m cycle-2m run

Name 2 m run position 14 m bike position Final time Overall position
Ady Atter 19.54 6th 49.10 9th 1.08.24 7th
Alison Boardman 14.27 2nd-stewards inquiry 51.20 6th 1.06.47 6th

Stewards inquiry

Jules O Donnell DN run DN run 50.17 8th DN do run DN do run
Tracey Brown 17.47 5th 45.33 5th 1.03.13 5th
Rhea Cox 15.37 3rd 42.58 4th 59.05 4th
Craig Marriott ?

stewards inquiry


stewards inquiry

46.30 6th ?

stewards inquiry


stewards inquiry

Gary Howden 13.20 1st 42.51 3rd 57.09 2nd
John Cameron 15.13 3rd 39.48 1st 56.01 1st
Dave Cox 15.34 4th 40.20 2nd 57.27 3rd

 Karen Hames did compete but had ‘speed wobble’ issues with her new wheels so her result is not posted. Apologies for the results being a bit late but had OFsted in last week so was rather busy at work. Not sure about the validity of some of these results so apologies but the wet and cold conditions certainly did not help. Many thanks for all your support on what was a cold windy night. Good to see John Cameron back to his winning ways with an excellent bike split. Gary Howden produced a solid 2 mile run in windy conditions. Not sure what happened to Craig’s run split-so apologies here-I think he got external assistance in Tim’s truck by all accounts. Alison produced an excellent run split with the aid of her canine companion!! Many thanks once again to Tim Moss for setting out the signs and marshalling duties-your help was invaluable. Thanks also to Dave Regler, Pete Goy and Alan Cook. Big reminder to get some extra training in ready for the clash with Wolds Vets towards the end of May.

Next duathlon is on the 9th May lets hope the weather is a bit kinder

Best wishes

Gary T

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