A great turn out for the first duathlon event with 14 competitors turning out on what must have been one of the coldest races on record. However the temperature soon increased as the course was burnt up by Matt Clarke, Graham Cowan and Pete Goy who all posted sub 30 minute rides. Not far behind were Jack Goy (watch out dad)  Gary Martin, and new member Will Davies who all posted respectable times. Special mention must go to veteran competitors Craig Marriott and Jules O Donnell-one a wiley old timer and the other a Grimsby duathlon ‘virgin’- you can decide which is which!!  The female section was won by Rhea Cox with an impressive sub 35 min ride and she will provide some stiff competition for Tracey Brown and Karen Hames in the next few races when the run element is added. Special thanks must go to Alan Cook for his marshalling and ‘sweeping’ duties, Tim Moss for marshalling and setting out the signs and Gary Howden for marshalling at the infamous Gary Thomas corner on the sharp turn back towards Wold Newton. Next event is a week on Thursday 25th April. It is crucial that we get as much practice in before the clash with Wolds Vets next month a fixture that we must not lose!

CYCLE 10 m TT 11th APRIL 2013
NAME 10m CYCLE Position
JULES O DONNELL 44.27 14th (4th F)
TRACEY BROWN 35.11 11th (2nd F)
RHEA BROWN 34.21 7th (1st F)
KAREN HAMES 35.21 12th (3rd F)
DAVE COX 34.47 9th
WILL DAVIES 32.48 5th
JACK GOY 33.31 6th
RICHARD PERRY 37.13 13th
PETE GOY 29.51 3rd
DAVE ROUSE 35.02 10th
MATT CLARKE 28.35 1st
GRAHAM COWAN 28.49 2nd
GARY MARTIN 31.56 4th

Best wishes
Gary T

PS Good luck to Dave Rouse and Tony Hopkins who run in the London Marathon a week on Sunday-Have a great race !!

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  1. Enjoyed the TT the other week, was a good blast around the wolds. The dates are all in my diary and I look forwards to the season. I unfortunately have work/family commitments for the next two dualathon events. (not just an excuse because there is now a run involved)

    Should be along for the aquathon on Sunday tho. — Will

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