Aquathon Results – 7th April

Another good turnout and some more new faces at our Aquathon event.

Everyone opted for a 400m swim on the day with newcomers Lizzie and Will playing tag team to look after their 1.5 year old son.

Name Swim Time Swim Distance Run Time
Run Distance
Dave 7:36 400m n/a 2 laps
Sean 7:22 400m 28:14 4 laps
Mark 8:36 400m 27:10 4 laps
Dawn 8:41 400m 17:04 2 laps
Lizzie 8:24 400m 9:00 2 laps
Will 8:57 400m 13:17 2 laps

Thanks to Ali B for organising the event and time-keeping.

Next Aquathon is Sunday 28th April.

The Duathlon events re-start for the season next Thursday April 11th with a 10m time-trial (bike only) at the Clickem Inn.

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  1. Quick swim for Dave. Stewards enquiry on the lap count

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