Duathlon Dates

Duathlon Events 2013

Starting at the Clickem Inn, our popular club duathlon series includes either a 10 mile or 14 mile bike leg through the surrounding Lincolnshire countryside. Combined with a 1 or 2 mile undulating run along a quiet country lane, these events are an ideal training session for novices and experienced triathletes alike. Course Maps (PDF)

Race Date/Time Format
1 11th April Warm up run followed by Cycle TT-10 mile route
2 25th April Cycle TT-14 mile route- 2m run
3 9th May 1m run – 10m bike – 1m run
4 23rd May 1m run – 14m bike – 1m run-Wolds Vets Fixture Race
5 6th June 2m run – 10m bike – 2m run
6 20th June 2m run – 14m bike – 2m run
7 4th July Chairman’s Handicap Race
8 18th July 1m run – 10m bike – 1m run
9 1st August 1m run – 14m bike – 1m run-Wolds Vets Fixture Race
10 15th August 1m run – 10m bike – 1m run
11 29th August Cycle TT – 2m run
12 12th September Cycle TT only

Some new additions to the duathlon dates-I have challenged Wolds Vets Running Club to a fixture eg us against them-winners decided by the team who gets the lowest score in terms of race positions totalled up by both teams at the end of the race-so don’t let me down !!

I apologise for not organising the points system last season but it did not really work with the age categories due to the small numbers involved. In terms of our points system this year -to keep it simple and to determine overall male and female champion I have decided to  base it on the competitors with the lowest score based on race position to be the winner-minimum of best 8 to count. There will be a vets category-over 50 so Dave Plunkitt will be alright !!

All races are currently at the Clickem Inn but I may change the venue to Rothwell if the landlord and police are obliging!!

Swimming should be back on at Havelock this Monday evening.

Please keep us up dated on any races/events you are involved with so we can post your results

Karen Hames is organising a swim coaching session at Louth Meridien Centre next Sunday 17th March so if you are interested and would like details then let me know and I will forward details

Best wishes to you all-roll on spring!!

Gary T

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  1. Gary,

    Want to get involved, will be at the havelock swimming session Monday and will join up.

    You may remember me from last year but one,never really got into it and took year out last year when we had our daughter.

    Will put the events into my diary and hopefully be up for more of them than in the past .

    Good luck at the clickem ,

    Dan Curtis

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Are the spring/summer duathlons open events?

    • Hi PAul,

      They are open events you can turn up and pay on the day two pounds or pay our yearly sub of fifteen pounds which entitles you to all the events and swimming etc…

      Thanks Gary

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