OFF-ROAD DUATHLON-Sunday 20th January

The next off-road duathlon is set for next Sunday-20th January-9 am start. Details for the event are as follows-

Cars will need to park in the small lay-by next to Irby Church. You then have to cross the busy A46 so take care here and then you cycle down a grassy track into the valley.

Bikes and all your gear etc… will  need to be taken down into Irby Dales with you-I will be in attendance to show you where this is-I will place small white marker flags showing you the way if any of you are late. These will be placed out on the course for all competitors to help navigate.

The run is two laps of a small woodland which will be about 2 miles in total, followed by 3 laps of the large woodland which will be about 5 miles, followed by the same run. Members are welcome to come and run on the first run section and complete multiple laps which is very picturesque and challenging, but I will not be organising an official route because of potential clashes with the cyclists. The area is all off road and open to the public so some caution will be required whilst racing-signs will be put out warning people of the event. You will need old trainers-preferably trail shoes as this area is VERY MUDDY in certain parts. So don’t wear your best tri gear-you have been warned !!

The area has been checked and ridden many times and I will give a full safety brief before the event starts with maps etc..Tim Moss has kindly offered use of his 4×4 which can access this area incase of any emergencies. Looking forward to seeing you support the event-weather permitting!!

If you have any further questions then contact me


Gary T

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