Results Archive

Thanks to Doc C I’ve been able to update the website with an archive of old results dating back to 2009.

These can be found via the new Results Archives page (also, when you hover over the Results Menu tab you’ll see an option for the archive).

This year’s results have also been archived in anticipation of your new PB’s in 2013.

Doc C has also promised a huge download of old photos so stand by for some black-and-white-stripes action.

Club Records

Having the old results has enabled me to work out some “all time” records for the Duathlon course, so here’s your targets for next year:

Date Run Bike Run Name Time
8th April 2010 1m 10m 1m Gary T 00:40:18
28th May 2009 1m 14m 1m Gary T 00:46:53
19th May 2011 2m 10m 2m Gary T 00:50:22
28th June 2012 2m 14m 2m Gary T 01:05:40

If anyone has any earlier time-sheets from before 2009, please let me know.

* Correction – originally posted with Shaun R holding the 1/14/1 slot but I went over the figures and Gary T has a clean sweep! Sorry Shaun.

Doc’s Clearout

As well as clearing out his hard-drive for the club website, Doc’s also selling a pair of bike racks if anyone is interested. Matching roof bars and roof box also available if any takers.Details and images below:

A)    Roof Box grey plastic 36 inches wide, 40 inches long 12 inches deep
B)    Pair Halfords Advance roof mounted cycle racks
C)    One complete set Thule Roof rack bars (square section) and mounting blocks Suits car with integral roof rails

All items fully lockable in use. Images to confirm fitting style if required

Email me if you are interested and I’ll forward you Doc’s contact details

Dave Regler

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