Rememeber Remember the 9th of November-7pm Millfields-Bargate-Grimsby-food/buffet will be available

Please have a look at the two documents below and propose any amendments or changes at the AGM
Gary T



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  1. Hi Gary, † thanks for sending this through. † I few just a few comments on the proposed amendments to the constitution, neither are show stoppers- † 1) Totally agree on the amendment to include a time period for subscription payments, but would “no longer a member” be a better choice of wording (and leave room for someone to rejoin at a later date) than “expulsion”? Suggest that expulsion is reserved for someone who has brought the club into disrepute and therefore will not be allowed to rejoin.† † 2) Upon dissolution†of the club that the funds be donated to a local charity agreed to by the majority of members, rather than all, since unless there is unanimous agreement that in theory would lead to a stalemate.e. † I have been looking at similar documents†for a company merger of late, so you get sensitised to them after a while. † Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you and the gang on Friday, and thank you for co-ordinating us all throughout the year. Best wishes, Tony


  2. Hi Gary.† Not sure if Paul has sent his apologies, but as he is in London he and Finley will not be attending tonight.† Regards, Steph


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