Duathlon Results

Name 10m bike position 1m run position Overall time Overall position
Tracey Brown 34.32 13th 8.57 10th 43.29 10th
Alex Reed 34.20 11th 7.24 2nd 41.54 2nd
Alan Cook 30.20 4th 8.25 7th 38.45 7th
Ady Atter 34.46 14th 8.52 9th 43.38 9th
Karen Hames 31.50 8th 8.00 4th 40.50 4th
Gary Howden 33.27 10th 7.38 3rd 41.0 3rd
Neill Whall 33.02 9th 8.13 6th 41.15 6th
Shaun Robinson 28.03 1st Dns
Carl Wilkinson 30.43 5th Dns
Charlie Boardman 34.27 12th 10.41 13th 45.08 13th
Alison Boardman 35.27 15th 10.31 12th 45.58 12th
Dave Plunkitt 31.27 7th 9.07 11th 40.34 11th
Dave Reed 29.25 3rd 8.50 8th 38.15 8th
Myk Duncalf 30.59 6th 8.05 5th 39.04 5th
Gary Martin 29.11 2nd 7.09 1st 37.20 1st

Many thanks to Tim Moss and Dave Plunkitt for their help in marshalling/setting out signs. Many thanks to all the members who have supported the duathlon series this year and chipped in when required.

Gary T


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