Duathlon Results-JULY 26TH 2012




Name 1m Run position 10m Bike position 1m Run Overall time Overall position
Neil Whall 7.38 13th 32.05 9th 8.08 47.51 10th
Dan Ramsden 7.50 14th= 35.30 13th 7.53 51.13 13th
Danny Triffit 5.56 1st 31.29 8th 6.00 44.25 5th
Dave Regler 6.39 7th 34.34 11th 6.44 46.57 9th
Pete Goy 7.13 8th= 29.57 3rd= 6.01 43.11 1st=
Jack Ramsden 7.50 14th= 35.33 14th 8.42 52.05 15th
Karen Hames 7.30 12th 34.42 12th 7.38 48.50 12th
Tom Simpson 6.38 6th 28.22 1st 8.11 43.11 1st=
Rhea Timms 7.28 11th 37.12 16th 8.57 53.37 16th
Charlie Boardman 8.52 17th 35.46 15th 10.47 55.25 17th
Alan Cook 6.46 7th 29.57 3rd= 8.16 44.59 6th
Dave Cox 7.13 8th= 33.20 10th 8.15 48.35 11th
Ady Atter 8.20 16th 39.34 17th 9.06 57.00 18th
Gavin 6.13 2nd 29.55 2nd 7.12 43.30 3rd
Gary Howden 6.30 5th 36.30 15th 8.50 51.20 14th
Mike Duncalf 7.13 8th= 30.57 6th= 8.10 46.20 7th
Gary Martin 6.20 3rd 30.32 5th 7.28 44.20 4th
Chris Vines 6.23 4th 30.57 6th= 7.22 46.40 8th

Many thanks to all those who competed a record number!!

Not sure about the 100% accuracy of the results-Pete Goy finishing joint first?-it must be the new bike-this should convince you Pete that it is worth every penny- so apologies  here but thanks go to Tom Simpson’s dad who stepped up to the breach and ‘volunteered’ to do the time-keeping for us. Thanks to Tracey Brown for her marshalling duties.

Other points-some members have given an indication they would like to join me and some others to do the ‘Fred Whitton Challenge’ it will take place sometime in October-date to be decided but let me know if you want to be considered. We have a flag !!-it has the grimsby tri sign and logo on it and should be ready for full view at the next duathlon-should be a good advert for the club at events. I am also sourcing some cycling tops with grimsby tri logo etc on them so will keep you updated as and when. Brigg Tri will be our club championship this year with age group prizes so try and supportb the local event and I will organise a social/prize giving after the event-any suggestions welcome

Best wishes

Gary T

New members Chris Vines and Jack and Dan Ramsden

New member-Gavin or Gareth? -you decide

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