NAME 2m Run position 10m bike position 2m run Position /time overall
Rhea Timmins 14.45 5th 47.15 6th 16.10 6th-1.18.10
Dave Cox 14.13 3rd 34.01 4th 15.04 4th-1.03.18
Alan Cook 14.19 4th 31.23 2nd 14.23 2nd- 1.00.05
Karen Hames 15.01 6th 35.38 5th 16.13 5th-1.06.50
Pete Goy 13.24 2nd 32.26 3rd 15.33 3rd-1.01.23
Shaun Robinson 13.07 1st 28.44 1st 14.18 1st-56.09
Ady Atter 16.37 7th DNS DNS DNS DNS

 Many thanks to Gary Martin, Dave Regler, Iain Chalmers and ALICE! who all helped out.

Well done to Rhea Timmins on her duathlon debut who tackled the 10 m course on a mountain bike in a cool, stiff breeze!!

Results round up-

Enduroman-Double Iron man distance-5 mile swim-250m bike-50 mile run-just makes me tired thinking about it!!

Well done to Matthew Clarke, Sandy Walster (the new British Double Champion) and Paul Thompson for representing the club and giving us the reputation for being one of the premier clubs in the country at this distance.

Results were-

Paul Thompson-28 hours 36 mins 49 secs 4th

Matthew-35 hours 51 mins 51 secs 22nd

Sandy 37 hours 35 mins 05 secs 1st female-27th overall

Best Wishes to those competing at the Dambuster this weekend

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