New Grimsby Tri Club Website

Welcome to the new site for Grimsby Triathlon Club.  Our membership covers a large geographical area with members from 4 counties, ranging from newcomers to the sport right up to the current IUTA World Champion.  Our athletes compete around the world, and have raced on 3 continents during 2011 at all triathlon distances.  The next year will be an exciting time for the club as our members strive to reach new goals at longer distances and even higher levels of performance.

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  1. Morning all, being a complete idiot on social networks I thought I,d give this a go and see if its as frustrating as all the others that I have failed miserably to use.

    Did the Deepdale dash 10k at Barton yesterday with a personal best of (c) 46.38 so pretty chuffed with myself and looking forward to a flatter one in the next couple of months to hit my current goal of sub 45 mins.

    Fin Thompson was the only other entrant that I saw from Grimsby though I only saw him at the start line and afterwards as he finished in just over 38 minutes according to Paul.

    Back open the bike this Saturday morning with Tony O and anyone else who would like to join us and the weathers still O.K for the roads, if not, then the trusty old mountain bikes coming out of the garage for some real fun!!

    Chris R

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